I enjoy reading and writing theology.  Theology has been described as a conversation that is on-going throughout church history.  Coming from the compound Greek terms theos (God) and logos (word, statement, reason), theology seeks to unearth the not-so-obvious truths that are the composition of bedrock beliefs we hold.  When done correctly, theology draws us closer to God, and by the way, common people do theology every day.  Part of my vision is for ordinary people to engage in discussion of God's truth and have the applications brought to bear in daily living.

Abstract: Becoming Like a Child 

There are important components embedded in Jesus' statement "Unless you become like a child you cannot enter the kingdomof God."  In this paper I argue for the intrinsic quality and character of children who, in my view, are guarded as innoncent in the eyes of God until the LORD decides they are in standing to be accountable.  I also intend to show the child is the model Jesus chooses to showcase for adults to emulate.