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The Implications of Rapture Theology upon Ecology

Posted by Keith Howard on Friday, May 4, 2012, In : Theology 
Here is a piece about the way belief in a literal, physical rapture of the Church impacts the current issues of ecology in a green world. We live on a privileged planet. We are called to be stewards. What does that mean for a Pentecostal Christian? A heady piece of theology with in-depth explanations and observations of opposing views. The Implications of Rapture Theology upon Ecology.
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The Apex of Human Experience

Posted by Keith Howard on Wednesday, February 22, 2012, In : Theology 
The very best of the very best when it comes to being a human. Our absolute highest, purest moment, to use Isaiah's verbiage, is filthy rags in his sight. The height of human experience happens when God graces our high with his low. He comes down to the top of the mountain. Think about it. Read about it.
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Posted by Keith Howard on Tuesday, January 17, 2012, In : Theology 
After a string of moral failures that taint the landscape of Genesis how refreshing is it to encounter Joseph, a true man of integrity! His commitment to excellence is the same in the cistern as it is in the governor's chariot, the same in the cell block as it is before Pharaoh. I believe you will find my post to be uplifting. 
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Was It Right?

Posted by Keith Howard on Saturday, January 14, 2012, In : Theology 
I don't know anyone who doesn't get frustrated a little when they are wronged. Most Christians are able to remain composed when they face a little offense. If the wrong-doing ramps up a little the tension typically escalates on the part of the one wronged. But let there be unspeakable injustice and even the most seasoned of believers feels justified in retaliating. How is it to be done in a godly way. That's what my post Was It Right? is about. I hope you will read and enjoy it.  
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The Posture of Prayer

Posted by Keith Howard on Sunday, January 8, 2012, In : Theology 
Does it really matter whether we sit, stand, or kneel in prayer? I have a dear friend who prays with his eyes open, presumably intentionally; though I've never asked him. I recall numerous times he would glance around the men's group as he prayed, and I could sense the depth of sincerity in his eyes and tones. Of course, how would I have ever known unless my eyes were open too? I know, right? Still, having said this, I feel physical posture is important. I find it really meaningful to let my ...
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Is This What Faith Looks Like?

Posted by Keith Howard on Friday, January 6, 2012, In : Theology 
Someone has said 90% of success is just showing up.  I think maybe Abraham felt that way from time to time.  At age 86 he's told he will be the father of nations, but at age 99 he's simply wishing to gift the inheritance to his servant.  He just kept showing up, being there, being available, being especially present to the Lord.  Faith is so much more than the excitement of a prophetic moment.  The greatest value of faith is exemplified in the long haul of the daily grind, what Pat Meye has c...
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Posted by Keith Howard on Wednesday, January 4, 2012, In : Theology 
I find it very encouraging to study the genealogies of scripture and realize that they are intended for affirmation and confirmation of our faith.  For instance, Noah's daddy knew Adam personally.  Noah was still alive when Abraham was in his 50s.  He could ask questions first-hand.

Read more in my post.

Yes, the genealogies are intended for far more than just to be bogged down in the begats.

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Posted by Keith Howard on Tuesday, January 3, 2012, In : Theology 
I encourage you to follow my notes as I journey through the Bible this year.

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Book Review: Michael Green, Evangelism in the Early Church

Posted by Keith Howard on Monday, October 3, 2011, In : Theology 
Michael Green has written an excellent history of the early church history.  This review summarizes some of his important evaluations.  The timing of Jesus' earthly life has all the earmarks of perfect timing regarding language, road building, and issues of war and peace.  Additionally, there are assessments that inform current church life, e.g., the spread of the gospel to Jew and Gentile alike as a priority, the role of apostles, and tacitly matters of church polity.
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Marriage and Family Therapy

Posted by Keith Howard on Tuesday, February 8, 2011, In : Theology 

Theology.  Amid the much needed current trend toward marriage and family therapy I add an opinion on the development of family patterns.  This theological work is intended to examine the traits of family development in Israel's most notorious first families, that, in turn, become a picture of the way human families work in general.


A contemporary look at ancient family matters.  A colorful commnetary not weighted down with numerous citations of other works.  Countering present popul...

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Becoming Like a Child

Posted by Keith Howard on Saturday, October 9, 2010, In : Theology 
I enjoy reading and writing theology.  Theology has been described as a conversation that is on-going throughout church history.  Coming from the compound Greek terms theos (God) and logos (word, statement, reason), theology seeks to unearth the not-so-obvious truths that are the composition of bedrock beliefs we hold.  When done correctly, theology draws us closer to God, and by the way, common people do theology every day.  Part of my vision is for ordinary people to engage in discussion of...
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