The instrumental song, Elijah's Whirlwind, is the only keyboard-driven song on the album.  The rolling keys nudge the rhythm.  However, guitar solo is still the feature as nice riffs are flanked by sass brass and pan flute.  The metaphor that has been a theme throughout the album is carried forward in this last piece too.  God's dealings with humanity are modeled in his choosing the people of Israel as his own.  One prominent prophet, Elijah, left the earth in a fiery chariot riding on the wings of the cyclone.  The whirlwind typifies the blessed hope of believers, snatched, carried away, raptured to be with the Lord forever.  The apostle Paul calls this is an encouraging event.

This marks the completion of recording for the Eskaton project.  Ten instrumental songs are now completed and sent to editing.  Within days the master CD will be sent off for duplication.