I have been enjoying a little slower pace having completed the Eskaton CD.  But things are beginning to get back in full swing.

Last month our son Nicholas (right in the pic above), was promoted from 8th Grade to High School.  Zakary will be a Senior in High School this fall (draining the 3 below).  Both boys are busy with Summer League Basketball, Basketball Camp and trips, Youth Camp, and lots of music involvement with Static Youth ministries, as well as joining their mother, my wife, Stefanie, as regulars on the BFA worship team. 

Musically, I'm in the process of composing new guitar songs.  One is recorded, one is in the works.  Additionally, I'm very excited about recording several worship tunes that may lead up to a live project later.  I am also arranging a song for accompaniment at the request of a vocalist friend.  It's one of several accompaniments I hope to do over the next year.

Literarily, there are some short stories I'm in the proccess of reviewing for possible publication.  They are heartfelt and engaging storylines that embrace godly values.  Children's books are still in development too.  Poetry continues to pour out of me as well.

Thanks for keeping tabs on GoldSash and watch for good things coming down the pipe.