I'm very excited to debut this song, Isaac's Last Laugh.  It's hard to find words to express the explosion of joy I find in considering God's wrong world righted.  And there is a place in the song when I feel that eruption.  Perhaps you will experience the same thing too.  

Musically, the French Horn gets stretched way beyond its classical comfort zone and finds itself tangled in a dual with the Clarinet for background rights.

So what's up with the title?  What is Isaac's Last Laugh all about?  The scriptures speak of the fear of Isaac.  It is a statement of the respect due Almighty God.  Isaac's name means he laughs.  His parents Abraham and Sarah laughed when they heard he would be born.  Sarah tried to hide her unbelieving laugh, but it wasn't hidden from God.  Abraham, however, had nothing to hide.  It's just crazy to have a baby when you're that old.  The fear of Isaac becomes a metaphor for the victory of God.  In this piece hear the reverberations of Isaac's hardy chortle.  Thomas R. Yoder Neufeld ends his theology, Recovering Jesus, with the words "God finally has the last laugh over injustice and oppression, over sin, and even over death."  Isaac's Last Laugh is an expression of God's ultimate win.  In the end God laughs loudest and longest.

The one enthroned in heaven laughs. Psalm 2:4