Theology.  Amid the much needed current trend toward marriage and family therapy I add an opinion on the development of family patterns.  This theological work is intended to examine the traits of family development in Israel's most notorious first families, that, in turn, become a picture of the way human families work in general.


A contemporary look at ancient family matters.  A colorful commnetary not weighted down with numerous citations of other works.  Countering present popular views of generational curses upon family lines, this paper proposes that all humanity is sinful and much in need of the pursuing love of God.  Rather than displace family habits as satanic, though evil is certainly strategic, we are wise to recognize patterns that become systemic in family lines by means of parent demonstration, not demonic oppression/possession.  Our shortcomings notwithstanding, God is relentless in the fury of his love, and will not let go.  The first four generations of the premier family of Israel serve as an inset on the map of humanity.  What God demonstrates through ancient Israel, he perpetuates through all the human race, a grace undeserved and unmerited.

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