GoldSash Publishing is proud to release the song XIN3OHdThe title, XIN3OHd, pronounced zinth-ree-ode, is a culmination of my years of study in Greek and Hebrew, brought to bear upon life experience.  It must always maintain an element of mystery.  Its truth discovered will turn the city upside down.  The music conveys that mystery.  It is a very complex jam.  4/4 yeilds to 12/8 only to discover the original 4/4 embedded inside.  It is next to impossible to keep your head from bobbing as it sorts out the rhythm.  If you enjoy the sweet dissonance of the Major 7th chord, you'll like the melodic harmony of the Jazz Clarinet and Soprano Sax.  They first solo, then share the melody line, split to fuse a jamnation, and ultimately unify their one voice in the end.

The Eskaton album nears the conclusion of the project.  I enter the last week of recording.  After editing it will be sent off for duplication and packaging.  It will then be available in a matter of days.