Today the sixth cut in the Eskaton album project was released, it's called Happy Fingers. Things continue to progess toward the November 15th projection date for Eskaton's public debut.  Put on your headphones and enjoy samples hereHigh quality mp3s digitally mastered and recorded at studio quality 320 kbps can be purchased now at GoldSash Publishing.

Happy Fingers, happy feet too, but they can't play the guitar.  This islands' sounding theme weaves interesting modulations with creative pivot notes to segue the melody as it ferries safely to the other side of the key change.  A very rhythmic and bouyant piece vibrating the guitar body with echoes.  The melody is accompanied in triplicate by wood and brass.

Listen carefully and you'll hear a familiar 70s TV theme song embedded in the ending.  Yeah, I dunno' - just the way my little mind works.  Could be a subliminal statement cuing the effects of urban sprawl upon television suburbia...or maybe it's just a nutty guy with carte blanche writing rights.  Most likely the latter and not the former!  Perhaps we are the Second Addams Family.  Huh, huh?  Nudge, poke, wink.  Get it, get it?