What is Latin Atkins?  Don't get nervous.  We're not counting carbs.  The title simply reflects the feel of the song.  There are moments in the music when the finger picking pattern reminds me of sensational country guitarist Chet Atkins, the phenom.  But when I throw in that one 5/4 measure and contrast the minor mode against the melody, it suddenly takes on Latino characteristics.  The juicy rhythm seasons the saucy sax.  You'll need a steady diet of Latin Atkins.

I dedicate this song to my late Uncle Vaughn Dalrymple.  He left this earth way too soon.  Today he is En Cielo.  What an amazing guitarist!  I have memories of my brothers and I sitting at his feet when church was done, listening to him create, absolutely mesmerized.  In eternity, our family is going to make some kind of music up there.

"And they sang a new song before the throne." Rev. 14:3