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GoldSash Publishing, your one-stop resource for creative compilations. Browse the site and sample the array of artistic endeavors.  Whatever your taste, from Jazz to Chorus, you should be able to find something you enjoy.

A Call to Worship by Zak Howard features riveting vocals and exquisite acoustic guitar work. This worship experience will lift your soul.  The album includes two original songs composed by Zak, "God's Best Friend," and "Place Your Spirit on Us." In all of the songs you will find lyrics that are raw with authenticity. This experience will draw you into personal, vulnerable and transparent worship.

Sample and purchase on Amazon.

Get your copy of Keith Howard's devotional.


It is a devotional journey that leads the reader through an array of deeply, spiritual discussions, converations, as it were, with the author. The goal is to further discipline the already mature believe to be trained upon the trellis of faith. To commemorate 25 years in ministry, I wrote a substantive post online each day. The posts appeared on Facebook, Twitter, Google+1 and

Youversion under the heading, "Uplifting and encouraging posts, substantive and inspiring," and generated thousands of likes. IS THIS WHAT FAITH LOOKS LIKE? takes the reader through seven different literary genres of Scripture. In it, the dignity of wrestiling and struggling with a rugged faith, lived out in the rough and tumble, is honored. It is a 404 page, fully indexed book, chuck full of anecdaotes, humor, theology, sports analogies, and life lessons. The 404 page, fully indexed and cross-referenced one-year, devotional-journey is available now.


The instrumental, jazz-fusion album, Eskaton, is a dainty sampler platter. You will enjoy the vibrant, body echoes of Keith's Breedlove A-25. At times the guitar weeps, and at times it soars.These tunes were born of

the conviction that instrumental music has the God-ordained power to alleviate suffering from the mind and spirit. Listen to samples of the ten cuts and purchase your CD on Amazon. A collection of instrumental jazz guitar tunes released by musicalogianary Keith Howard.  The Eschaton speaks of the last things.  It is the culmination of Christ's rule.  Relax away to the overtones of this sabbatical sensation.  Warm winds and sassy brass compliment keys, bass and percussive expressions.

The piano piece Seventy Music Boxes is to honor my wonderful mother, Bobbie Howard. It was written on her 70th Birthday. She is truly one of the most selfless people I know. We all love you Mom.

Seventy Music Boxes.mp3

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