My book, IS THIS WHAT FAITH LOOKS LIKE? is a devotional journey that leads the reader through an array of deeply, spiritual dicussions, conversations, as it were, with the author, and is designed for the already mature believer to grow deeper. Its purpose is for the believer to be trained upon the trellis of faith.

To commemorate 25 years in ministry, I wrote a subsantive post online each day. The posts appeared on Facebook,

Twitter, Google+1 and Youversion under the heading, "Uplifting and encouraging posts, substantive and inspiring," and generated thousands of likes. IS THIS WHAT FAITH LOOKS LIKE? takes the reader through seven different literary genres of Scripture. In it, the dignity of wrestiling and struggling with a rugged faith, lived out in the rough and tumble, is honored. It is a 404 page, fully indexed book, chuck full of anecdaotes, humor, theology, sports analogies, and life lessons. You can buy your copy right now on Amazon for $14.99. This is a perfect gift to start the new year, and also is fine for anytime of the year.


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